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The LNC National Directory was created to network Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC's) with attorneys and insurance companies across the nation. Since its inception, the LNC National Directory has served more than 16,000 attorneys, insurance and other companies, and hundreds of LNC's across the nation.

Do not confuse us with the other directories online, since we are the ONLY directory making our way through the country as a true National Directory with optimized email notifications to your potential customers, and the ONLY service that offers LNC's so much year after year. We also personalize our service for you, as you can see from our email campaigns to bring business to you, and our designing a special, optimized website for you to launch your business to the World Wide Web in a very BIG way when you sign up with our service.

The LNC National Directory is the only national online directory of its kind that is indexed with major search engines such as Google Search, Yahoo Search and MSN Search. When you type "LNC Directory" into your Google search bar, and Google is the #1 search engine in the world, you will discover that we are currently #1.  We will continue to expand year after year, making every effort to bring business to those listed on our LNC National Directory. Just give us a chance to bring business to you.

About Legal Nurse Consultants and Why You Should Hire One Today:

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?
What Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Do?
Where Does the Legal Nurse Consultant Practice?
What is the Role of the Legal Nurse Consultant?

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The LNC is a licensed, registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of clinical and administrative nursing practice, healthcare facts and issues and their outcomes for the legal profession, healthcare professions, consumers of healthcare and legal services, and others as appropriate. With a strong educational and experiential foundation, the LNC is qualified to assess adherence to standards and guidelines of healthcare practice as it applies to the nursing and healthcare professions.

What Makes a Legal Nurse Consultant Distinct?

As licensed registered nurses, LNC's bring specialized healthcare education and clinical experience to the medically related issues of the litigation process. This education and experience distinguishes LNC's from paralegals and legal assistants and provides the foundation for the LNC's ability to recognize, interpret and analyze all relevant medically related information in a claim or case.

What Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Do?

  • Acts as a liaison with attorneys, physicians and clients
  • Educates attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relating to a case or claim
  • Researches applicable literature and evidence to determine the merits of a case
  • Reviews and analyzes documents and compares them to the allegations
  • Summarizes medical literature
  • Screens for record tampering
  • Defines and evaluates the standards of care practices
  • Evaluates the possible breach of duty on the part of the healthcare practitioner or facility
  • Prepares witness and exhibit lists
  • Interviews witnesses and involved parties
  • Prepares persuasive graphic exhibits for trial
  • Assesses issues of damage and causation
  • Identifies and retains expert witnesses
  • Assists in obtaining medical records and identifying missing records
  • Organizes medical records and other medically-related litigation materials
  • Prepares chronologies of medical events and correlates them to the allegations
  • Develops collaborative case strategies with those practicing within the legal system
  • Provides support during discovery, depositions, trial and other legal proceedings

Where Does the Legal Nurse Consultant Practice?

As a liaison between the legal and the healthcare communities as well as the consumer, the LNC can practice in a variety of settings including:
  • Law firms
  • Government offices
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospital risk management departments
  • Forensic environments
  • Consulting firms
  • HMOs
  • Self-employed independent practices

What is the Role of the Legal Nurse Consultant?

The primary role of the LNC is to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions on the delivery of health care and the resulting outcomes. For nearly 20 years, LNC's have acted as collaborators and strategists, offering support in medically-related litigation and other medical-legal matters in the variety of practice areas including the following:
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers' compensation
  • Toxic torts
  • Risk management
  • Medical licensure investigation
  • Fraud and abuse, compliance
  • Criminal law
  • Elder law
  • Other applicable cases

Find A LNC:

To find a LNC located in your area, select the LNC National Directory button above and use the map on the LNC National Directory page. If you do not find a LNC in your location, consider contacting us for a referral, or contact a LNC in a nearby location, as many LNC's offer their services outside of their geographical regions. 

Apply For/Updating LNC National Directory Listing:

If you are an LNC and you would like to apply for a listing in the LNC National Directory, use the form on the Application page. If you are updating your listing or adding your services to your listing, please use the same Application Form and include only the updated information.

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